How To Remove Food Stains From Carpets With Homemade Tips?

Carpets are meant to be dusty. You should clean the same at regular intervals. But sometimes there might be accidental spills and you will be in the dilemma of what needs to be done. Well, there are many homemade tips that you can use to remove stains from the carpets. Follow some brilliant homemade carpet cleaning tricks and see how you can get the best carpet cleaning solutions. You need to think about professionally cleaning your carpet vs doing it yourselfBecause both these carpet cleaning types have their importance. Where professionals do cleaning with better gear and DIY saves your pockets. 

Remove The Solid Food Stain With The Help Of Vinegar And Baking Soda

If there was some solid food spill on the carpet then first you must scrape the same. The next step is to use the baking soda powder and vinegar paste over the stain. As soon as you do that, you will see that the stain will start becoming light. Take a wet cloth and remove the paste and then see how the stain will become light. If you follow this process thrice then the stain will completely go away.

You Can Remove Liquid Food Stains With The Help Of Hydrogen Peroxide

If you spill liquid food on the carpet then blot the same first and remove all the liquid. The next step that you should follow is to use hydrogen peroxide over the stain. You will see that the stain will become invisible soon.

You Can Use The Food Stains With The Help Of Dish Liquid

If you happen to see some food stains on the carpet, you will see that this will look bad on it. You have to take quick steps to remove these stains. Take some liquid detergent and then apply it to the stain. Now, take a sponge and try to gently rub it. When you follow this twice, the stains might go away.

If You Have Food Stains Then Use Corn Starch

If you have food marks on the carpet then one of the best homemade carpet cleaning tricks will be to apply corn starch in that area. This is considered one of the best remedies. You will have to repeat it a few times and the stain will become invisible.

If There Are Food Stains Then You May Try Club Soda

If there are food stains on the carpets then you can try club soda. Applying this to the stains will give you freedom from the stains. But, if the stain is too old and hard then you may try hydrogen peroxide as the savior.


There are many more homemade carpet cleaning tricks that one can use. If you don’t want the professionals to intervene then these methods will be great. It is however better to call professionals for carpet cleaning at regular intervals. This will ensure better options. People get the relevant solutions when they have professionals at hand. So, be prepared to get the right guidance. Stains would make the carpets look bad and dirty and so you will have to be clear about how to get rid of them.